As a designer I have always found that one’s source of inspiration can come from all corners of the globe – be it through traveling to different countries, learning a new language or sharing in our neighbours’ customs. These insightful experiences can move us to try something new.

I owe much of my design inspiration to my passion for cooking. By practicing the art of cooking and the different styles of cuisine from around the world I have realized that design and cooking go hand in hand. Both require a keen sense of presentation, patience and determination to carry the job to completion and, not to mention, the challenge of striving for subtle perfection. Keeping an open-mind has been my most valuable guide through my growth as both a cook and a designer.

Facing new challenges on a daily basis in design is what drew me to this profession early on and it is what continues to sustain me. The most difficult decision is deciding on what path to take in the ever changing world of design.

Without further ado, my name is Alexander Boros and I’m a graphic designer from Montreal, Quebec. However, just call me Alex. It’s easier that way.

Alexander Boros - Photo credit: Videovibes
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